Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Book Recommendation)

Everything we say and do flows from what’s in our hearts.  Luke 6:45 says, “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”  As Christian parents, we know that our job includes more than making sure our children are fed, clothed, and taught things such as how to read and write.  Tedd Tripp, the author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, believes that “the central focus of parenting is the gospel.  You need to direct not simply the behavior of your children, but the attitudes of their hearts.”  This book is useful for parents with children of all ages.  Tripp’s purpose is to lay out “a biblical vision for the parenting task: It involves being a kind authority, shepherding your children to understand themselves in God’s world, and keeping the gospel in clear view so your children can internalize the good news and someday live in mutuality with you as people under God.”  We highly recommend this book.  To order a copy through our church office, just let pastor Grant know you’re interested.

About Brushy Fork Baptist Church
We are a small rural church in Indiana that wants to impact its community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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