Resources for Personal and Family Devotions

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “These resolutions sound good, but are there some resources out there that can help me?”  The answer is “yes.”  Here are some resources that can help you particularly in the areas of personal and family devotions.  If you are interested in any of the items mentioned here, you may place an order for them through the church.  Just let the pastor know which ones you’re interested in.

1. One Year Bible

Besides the Bible reading plans mentioned above, another very helpful resource for Bible reading is a One Year Bible.  The reason these
are so helpful is that they are already divided up into 365 daily readings.  Each day you read a little of the Old Testament, a little of the New Testament, and a little of Psalms and Proverbs.  Within the course of a year you will have read the entire Bible.

2. The Big Picture Story Bible

This is the Bible that I (pastor Grant) use with our two year old daughter.  It breaks up the entire message of the Bible into easy to understand stories that are wonderfully illustrated.  This is a great tool to use with kids from age one to around three or four.

3. Long Story Short: Ten Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God

This is a great Bible study tool to use with kids from ages four and up (after they’ve “graduated” from the Big Picture Story Bible).  As the subtitle says, it contains ten-minute devotions that you can do with your entire family.  It takes very little time to prepare, since the devotions are already written out for you.

[This post is from our January church newsletter.  To view and/or download the newsletter click here.]

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